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Unique Cards
Card Collectors
Own Your Own Community
Member Management Dashboard
Manage your audience without middlemen. Import and export your members at any time. Powerful filtering tools to segment your users. Sign on via a secure, custodial crypto wallet. Track token drops, sales, and transfers. Optional subscription via recurring credit card.
Web3 Without The Complexity
Fast & Easy Publishing Tools
Built on the groundbreaking Ghost CMS – used by Apple, NASA, and Mozilla – this powerful publishing app is completely open-source and customizable. Share content on social media and/or email it directly to your fans. Offer premium, members-only content via content gating. Embed a wide range of media using a simple editor, including text callouts, audio and video embeds, Shopify products, and NFTs. Blazingly fast page loads, robust SEO tools, and deep analytics are all at your disposal. Offer native comments inside your site, and employ snippets to save time by re-using content. All this without ever touching code.
Secure, Wallet-First Identity
We provide an open-source option for Ghost that adds a web3 management layer, built around the free and easy-to-use Dapper Wallet. Sign in with an exisiting Google account or an email address and a password, there are no seed phrases or private keys to manage. Security and fraud protection is built in, as is multi-factor authentication – a first for the Ghost platform. A custodial, decentralized solution, everything is stored securely on-chain, including your identity details, your currency balances and your digital property. Establish a strong social and an economic relationship with your audience using this best-of-breed digital wallet.
Superserve Your Superfans
Social Media Under Your Control
Reorient your social media strategy and save precious management time. Create richer, deeper content that is reserved for members and tease it out to your socials to drive signups. Embed your best performing social media posts on your own site for easy access and to grow follower counts cross-platform. Allow your most passionate fans to peek behind the curtain and participate in the creative process –all activitiy can be tracked, measured, verified and rewarded. Work alongside your audience to grow the value of your network for your mutual benefit, and limit the ability of tech monopolies to profit by surveilling and selling your personal data.
Sustainably Built for the Mainstream
Grow your community on the greenest, fastest and most scalable blockchain technology available, designed to meet the demands of everyday consumers and trusted by some of the biggest brands on the planet. Plug into the vibrant Flow ecosystem and take advantage of an ever-growing set of free, ready-to-use smart contracts that require no knowledge of code. Avoid the headaches that come up on other chains, like high gas fees and complex user flows, and let your audience enjoy all the benefits of web3 while the technology recedes into the background where it belongs.
Next-Gen No-Code NFTs
Catalog & NFT Inventory Dashboard
Mint and manage advanced media NFTs. Set prices, quantities, and edition sets. Customize digital assets using in-browser tools. Set rarity traits and special geometric effects Easily integrate rights holder & royalty data. Deploy to IPFS for decentralized, resilient access.
Creator Homebase Highlights
New Friends
New Friends is a pop rock band consisting of Stefan Boulineau, Ayden Miller, Cole Wilson and Conrad Galecki. The band formed while they were students of the Music Industry Arts program at Fanshawe College in London, Ontario.
Roslyn Witter
Roslyn Witter, a charismatic, distinctive and organically-nuanced tenor, is an exceptional siren whose gift of artistry bypasses cliché and stakes her authenticity as both singer and songwriter in the genre known as "three chords and the truth."
Theo Tams
Theo Tams is rediscovering his identity as an artist. With his recently released 4th ”Trilogy” EP, the Canadian singer/songwriter demonstrates a remarkable command of R&B-laced pop music, his silky tenor the unwavering guiding light.
Jillea has 25 tattoos, 11 piercings and jet black hair, but the music she produces isn’t roll-in-the-glass punk rock or head-banging hard rock. The 26-year old small town New Brunswick born gal with the city edge only stomps on clichés and stereotypes.
What You Won’t Miss
No Gas Fees
Unlike other blockchains, there are no gas fees on FLOW, from Dapper Labs.
No Code
Our tools shield you from the complexities of code, you just point and click.
No Excess CO2
Minting an NFT on Flow uses less carbon than making an Instagram post.
No Lockouts
With no private keys or seed phrases to manage you’ll never lose access to your wallet.
No Delays
Transaction processing on Flow is significantly faster than other blockchains.
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